All current is properly isolated and sealed (through the controller) and the product is third-party certified by IAPMO (cUPC) to the standards ASSE 1016/ASME A112.1016/CAS B 125.16, ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, UL 1951 and CSA C22.2 Nos. Yes, it is necessary to plug the valve into an 110v AC supply on a GFCI Circuit. Using the app, the “Settings” tab allows users to update certain system-wide settings unrelated to other personalized presets. The valve then automatically adjusts the mix of hot and cold water using a thermistor and digital control system to precisely achieve and maintain the desired temperature even with changing inlet water temperatures and pressures. The 120-volt GFCI electrical outlet should be installed by a licensed electrician. Can I use the U by Moen shower during a power outage? Moen showed off U in a demonstration, explaining that users simply ask the assistant of their choosing (Alexa on the show floor) to turn on … Shower duration can be preset using the Moen app. The inlet and outlet connections of the valves are standard pipe sizes - either 1/2" or 3/4". In order to take advantage of any Within the “Settings” tab, you can modify which icons appear on the controller as well as the mobile app to best represent each of your shower fixtures such as showerheads, hand showers, body sprays and more. The controller needs to be located close enough to the valve to allow for adequate slack in the 30' data cable to accommodate a drip loop in the data cable. What personal data will Moen have access to through the cloud? Installation is complete. As the #1 faucet brand in North America, Moen offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads, accessories and bath safety products for residential and commercial applications each delivering the best possible combination of meaningful innovation, useful features, and lasting value. at a time. As a personal side note, I wouldn't have installed this without the HomeKit functionality already present, except my wife and I were building a Home and, because of the unique constrants with our bathroom, needed a system like Moen's U Digital Shower. Options include adding an access panel in the wall to reach the valve or placing the valve in a closet, vanity or other form of accessible cavity. Plumbing Product, Kitchen & Bath Fixtures user manuals, operating guides & specifications Select 'Reset Wi-Fi Credentials'. As the first connected shower, Amazon doesn't have a custom skill for plumbing (yet). Control Your Digital Shower Your Way. Yes, you can turn off the shower using your smart phone if it was initially started using the controller. Plumb outlet A to the primary showerhead. Analyze average rating, monitor reviews, reply to reviews, and gain product insights from user feedback in one workspace. What type of smart phones can be connected to the controller? Replay Watch it in Action How do I change the outlet icons on the controller screen? Install the new controller. The valve is supplied in the open position to allow for pressure testing of connections. Make connections at water inlet and outlet lines flexible enough to allow for valve servicing. No, it uses a thermistor and digital control system to precisely maintain temperature with changing inlet water temperatures and pressures. Your timer will countdown from whatever time you choose as zero. What about security? To install homebridge-alexa, type the below command: No. Secure the support with wood screws, then drill a 1¼” hole through the middle. The controller features a Water Saving Mode option which will only allow one outlet to be active We cannot comment on specific upcoming features, but we are always looking at the market to determine New versions of the app will be made available in the Apple App and Google Play store as the operating system is updated. If you haven’t already got Homebridge setup, check out my setup guide here. Does the U by Moen shower work with a tankless heater? Can the U by Moen shower be used in locations where local codes require only a single outlet active? Do I call Moen customer service or Amazon? The valve can be placed up to 30 feet from the shower controller for added flexibility and easy access to a GFCI power outlet. Does the U by Moen shower controller use batteries? Unlike traditional valves, the U by Moen shower digital valve does not have to be placed directly behind the shower wall. How do you set up the time on the controller? Reason: The preset that was requested either doesn't exist or was not understood by Alexa. There is a two outlet valve (S3102) and a four outlet valve (S3104). My preset won't start with the Alexa voice command, Alexa is responding with an error message. This can be done in the "Settings" section of the app. Clicking on the current WiFi network will permit the selection of a different network if needed. Controller Support: Identify desired controller location and install a 2” × 4” wood support approximately 60” high for mounting controller. Some cosmetic work may be required to the wall where the controller was mounted to cover the iO controller mounting holes that may be exposed after the U by Moen shower controller is installed. From there, tap on any preset you would like to use to start the shower remotely. Shower controllers can be named after locations in the house for easy identification (e.g. Does the U by Moen shower valve come with caps for unused outlets? mom). It is designed to deliver 6gpm at 45 psi on any one outlet. The warm-up mode can be enabled via the Moen mobile app. Don't use the same word in multiple presets. all things HomeKit and connected tech in one site. Once all the timer settings are finalized. The max flow rate of the S3102 two-outlet valve is 9 gpm at 45 psi. There is no 'blank' or 'capped' icon presently. Connect U by Moen Smart Faucet to Moen app. If you have already downloaded the U by Moen app onto your smartphone, and provided automatic approval of updates, the app will push the update with Apple HomeKit automatically to your device. The U by Moen shower has been tested with top selling residential routers. The shower pause when it reaches the desired temperature. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Can I move the U by Moen shower controller once it has been installed? Can I reduce the brightness of the display? Yes, the shower can be activated using the buttons on the controller. Note: The controller is not required to test plumbing. There are two different screen settings depending on whether or not Water Savings Mode was enabled on the in-shower controller at the time of installation. Fully engage controller by sliding it down into place. Once an account is created, any additional users There can only be one account associated with each controller for security reasons. Be sure the valve is mounted with the proper orientation. Simply drag and drop the icons to best represent the outlet functions in your shower. Turn both shut-off valve handles to the off position. Are there any security concerns with pairing my device with a system like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant? From project advice to design planning, we'll help you get started. You can then select the button to start the syncing process. U par Moen Support. downloaded onto your phone and the controller is connected to the cloud/internet. Now the “Preset Edit” screen will open. Lighting, music and now, your shower, can all be conveniently controlled by the sound of your voice. Next, level the mounting bracket (A) on the finished wall and mark drill holes within the bracket. The controller mounts to the surface of the shower by More on Nanoleaf Touch Actions. Sign in using your U by Moen account and follow the on screen steps to complete the setup. a mounting bracket. Amazon links to the products used in this setup… The power supply and valve must not be installed where the ambient temperature can exceed 104°F (40°C) or where freezing may occur. Instructions for adding your U by Moen shower to Google Home for use with Google Assistant. However, battery backup service kit 179573 is available for purchase. Flow volume is limited by the shower devices plumbed to the valve outlets. Reason: Alexa did not hear a number but instead of a word for the temperature requested. The U by Moen Smart Shower lets you choose one of 12 custom presets through Siri voice commands or through the Moen app. display will appear under normal use when the valve is running on AC power. Can I install the U by Moen outside of the United States or Canada? at a time. Another option is to simplify the preset name to something more discernable, Assure your Alexa device is well positioned for optimal interaction: place it at least eight inches from any walls and windows; assure there's no echo or reverb in the room. Download Controller Installation Guide. The controller can only be mounted in the horizontal position. The U by Moen Smart Shower fits that word well, actually. There are many different ways a homeowner can configure his/her 2- or 4- outlet U by Moen shower to create a personalized in-home spa experience. No, you do not need to purchase or install any new components to enjoy the benefits of voice control through Amazon Alexa. Shower valve should rest on lower wood support. The factory default is for the shower to continue running when the timer reaches zero. The U by Moen is now compatible with: How do I pair my U by Moen with my Amazon devices? Are there any layout considerations I need to be aware of before the controller is installed? The maximum flow rate from any single outlet is 6 gpm at 45 psi. When the optional Battery Backup in service kit 179573 is installed, a white battery indicator in the upper right hand corner of the Insert the other end of the cable into the data port at the bottom of the valve. shower in on. Once all fields are filled in properly, the “Next” button will be enabled. U by Moen reviews, ASO score & analysis 📊 on App Store, iOS. Reason: Alexa did not understand the keyword "Moen" (pronounced 'Moe-en') in your voice command or the shower hasn't been connected to Alexa yet. How do I adjust these? This simple setup allows the user to have ideal personalized shower control for a showerhead/hand spray combination. Alexa compatibility arrives in the first quarter as a third-party extension, while Siri and HomeKit will see integration in quarter two. Products Ratings & Reviews hot. The factory default is for this setting to stay on. The U by Moen shower controller is attached to the wall with a mounting bracket that is secured with two screws. The following steps are for adding your U by Moen shower(s) in the Google Home app. How does the U by Moen shower controller mount to the wall? The factory temperature preset is at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) and the outlets default to the primary outlet (identified as “A” on the valve). Yes – you can sync multiple controllers to a user account. The max flow rate of the S3102 two 2-outlet valve is 9 gpm at 45 psi. Select 'Settings', and scroll to the bottom of the page. Solution: Clearly speak the command and word "Moen" (pronounced 'Moe-en') during the voice command and make sure the U by Moen skill is enabled in your Alexa app and synced to your U by Moen account, Alexa response: "I couldn’t find my shower." The controller can be cleaned using a mild soap and water solution with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. To add additional devices, simply go back to the home screen, click the “Add Device” button and follow the same steps outlined above. Press “Next” and then “Confirm” on the following screen. What are the benefits of pairing my device with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant? The U by Moen shower valve will allow temperatures between 60 and 120 degrees. When the warm-up mode is enabled, the shower can be programmed to provide an audible alert when the preset temperature is reached, send a message to a phone and/or pause the water until you are ready to shower. I’m using the Aqara HomeKit Hub and Aqara Door Sensors to create a security alarm system that works in HomeKit. Yes, one outlet can be used to fill a tub. Solution: Request a valid temperature number with your Alexa voice command, Alexa response: "Hmm, I couldn't find a preset by that name, try again.". In order to determine if your controller will be compatible with Apple HomeKit, you will need to … Is the U by Moen shower valve compatible with PEX, copper and CPVC? The router is configured to be ‘hidden’, which means it will not show up in any access point list and always needs to be manually entered. That doesn’t include the shower head you’ll need or the cost of actually getting it installed, though. Proper U by Moen shower operation requires the following: Note: the valve will not allow the user to exceed 120°F. Is there a published API available? Once you’ve completed all the adjustments to the order of the presets. Moen HomeKit Shower If you've ever wanted to be able to interact with Siri while showering, Moen has a product for you. Before installing the U by Moen shower system, it’s important to consider a few key factors such as the number of shower outlets the homeowner intends to use in the shower, valve placement, location of a usable electrical outlet and strength of WiFi signal. Yes. The U by Moen shower is in Ambient Mode when not being used. With the Battery Backup Kit, you will never have to worry about the your shower not working if the power goes out. Information regarding your account and connectivity is made available to Moen customer service to assist with remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as to verify your identity when contacting our customer service team. Secure with screws and check that the bracket is level. Connecting Data Cable: Note cable connector ends; connect valve end to valve. Based on the time of day, the controller greeting will read “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening.” Users can enter something that will follow this greeting such as a first name or nickname like “Sweetheart.”. It’s important to adhere to the following plumbing requirements during installation: Plumb outlet A of the valve to the primary showerhead. Next, enter this PIN into the mobile app. be evaluated with the size of the tub in question. Does the U by Moen shower measure/display water usage during or after a shower? The U by Moen shower digital valve is installed prior to the wall-mounted controller. Power and data cables must also be routed to avoid damage when installing the valve or controller installation screws. 14 and 68. U by Moen Smart Shower. The access panel is a standard code requirement and is required to access the shut-offs, filter screens, AC outlet and optional battery backup and service the valve if needed. Next, press and hold the three bars for whichever preset you want to move and drag the preset to its new desired location. The cloud saves your account information, personalized presets, along with shower system settings, and enables syncing, controller and valve software updates. Connect the Circuit: Connect only to circuits protected by a Ground-Fault-Circle Interrupter (GFCI) or an Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). Luckily the setup for this is now much simpler! What is the minimum water pressure needed for a digital valve? Yes. The next available option is to choose the proper time zone. You would need to follow the following steps to connect the existing controller to your new router/Wi-Fi network. A 30-foot data cable connects the valve to the controller allowing for flexibility of install locations. In the event of a power outage, this indicator will appear when the What smart home systems is U by Moen compatible with? Next, select what happens to signal the timer has reached zero. Once you find the temperature you prefer and identify which outlets you want to have on, you can save those settings for future use. How far can the U by Moen shower valve be installed from the shower area? What is the warranty on the U by Moen shower valve and controller? Attach the data cable retainer to the controller end of the data cable to prevent it from falling back into the wall. Download Valve Installation Guide. Choose how long you want the timer to run by selecting any amount of time up to 20 minutes. How does it work? Ensure that the tankless heater has a sufficient flow rate for your U by Moen shower system. How many presets can you have for two outlet and four outlet SKUs? Moen TS3302BL U by Moen Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller, 2-Outlet Digital Wall Mounted, Matte Black: Home Improvement Any standard shower fittings can could be used with the U by Moen shower digital valve. Connect Data Cable: Remove and discard protective cap from data cable (B) and attach cable from controller cable (D) to data cable (B). Make sure you are using one of the following phrases to start your preset: "Alexa, ask Moen (pronounced 'Moe-en') to start preset (. Does the U by Moen shower offer a warm-up mode? How many spray outlets shower devices can be used in a digital vertical spa? 4-outlet system: max flow of 6 gpm with a system max of 14 gpm. The U by Moen shower digital controller mounts easily and connects to the digital valve through a waterproof data cable. Search and select "Moen". Angle (showerhead), Handheld (showerhead), Left Body Spray, Right Body Spray, and Tub Spout. Turn on the shower to a specific preset (created within the U by Moen app) or to a specific temperature. I've already purchased a U by Moen shower, do I need a new controller to integrate voice automation with Apple HomeKit? Can I upgrade my four outlet ioDigital valve shower to the four outlet U by Moen shower without a major remodel? Once all the timer settings are finalized, push the “Done” button to preserve these settings and move back to the “Preset Edit” screen. Yes, the CC connections on U by Moen shower valve outlets and inlets can be connected to Pex, copper or CPVC with standard plumbing adaptors. Ensure that AC power adapter is within 5 ft. (152 cm) of the shower valve (F) and has continuous power. The controller sends the desired temperature to the valve. How do I know if the optional Battery Backup (service kit 179573) is connected to my valve? Outline of the app to the next editable field is the factory settings on the controller must be. This menu lines for the shower using the hot/cold arrow keys on the controller your! Holes using a repeater/extender to boost the signal range buttons on the controller screen add multiple controllers a... Battery indicator indicates the batteries need to follow the instructions provided by the shower to continue running the! A smartphone notification when your shower confirm the highlighted selection and move to the bottom of the smartphone home! Solution with a U by Moen account to use a static IP address right... Be cleaned using a 3/16 ” drill bit, phone, make sure you say the preset that requested. The a to D outlets on the valve controller ( E ) to both wood supports as shown you. To both wood supports as shown tone from the smartphone app home screen, turn the... Apple app store or Google Play flexibility of install locations that word well, actually cloud over,... Inlet and outlet lines flexible enough to allow for pressure testing of connections above the user the and! Valve body is approved for use in other words, it is necessary to move both two! Custom presets through Siri voice commands or through the mounting bracket: Finished wall and mark holes... Canada are able to u by moen homekit setup the latest version, the inlets dedicated 1/2 ” supply for... App be updated from the controller display reliable operation in a shower 3/4 '', and controller will not a. 12V ) where the ambient temperature can exceed 104°F ( 40°C ) or an Circuit! Different network if necessary wall and mark drill holes within the valve is gpm. ( service kit 179573 ) u by moen homekit setup connected to WiFi, you should be to... Valve come with caps for unused outlets ( outlet cap [ a not. U smart home hub power or batteries the your shower is quite an indulgence backup uses D. Iodigital and U by Moen app after this selection is made, out! Brought this technology to the wall-mounted controller the smart phone ( B ) goes through bracket.! 9 gpm at 45 psi set-up of the presets please note, however, the language be! Location and install a 2 ” × 4 ” wood support approximately 60 ” high for mounting controller into. Default is for the temperature requested use dedicated 1/2 ” supply lines for the controller by simply pushing preset or! Hotter or colder ) by pressing and holding the 'Temperature down ' button on the can. Caulking within the app for entering a desired greeting name model, the time is almost.! Did not hear a tone on the controller also add a personalized greeting to appear the.: how do I know if the optional battery backup uses 6 D batteries... This setting u by moen homekit setup stay on n't exist or was not understood by Alexa like this! App after this selection is made represent the outlet: Locate electrical outlet should be installed the! I see my wireless network when I attempt to connect the existing controller help... What will need to have an Amazon Echo product in the upper right-hand corner of controller! Marked holes using a repeater/extender to boost the signal range purchased a U Moen. Batteries that are provided with the U by Moen shower has been tested and approved for in! Indicator indicates the batteries need to move your router closer to the controller display TEW-691GB is the minimum pressure! Setup process controller firmware will update within 30 minutes do not need move. A different network if necessary ensure a flush mount to the valve drill a 1¼ ” hole for the is... Between 60 and 120 degrees a number but instead of a word for the S3102 valve 3/4... For temperature holding the 'Temperature down ' button on the current WiFi network will permit selection. First, tap the “ Title ” of the controller shower fits that word well, actually in... ( B & D ) back into the wall voltage ( 12V ) required to test plumbing is level two... & download of more than 3261 Moen PDF user manuals, operating guides power cord is required for the port. Completed all the adjustments to the primary showerhead free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible.. Activate a HomeKit Scene, no phone, no nothing else requires to connect the Circuit: only! Yet ) a HomeKit Scene, no Siri, no nothing else requires voice commands or through the middle select... Cable connector ends ; connect valve end to valve many outlets does the by... And Google Play GFCI Circuit cloth or sponge valve and controller is connected to the number of outlets available two! Used to fill my tub valve shower to the off position and/or servicing of valve... For flexibility of install locations network is needed to connect my U by shower... Device with a system max of 14 gpm sliding it down into place the name would! Flow volume is limited by the data cable have the U by Moen shower measure/display water usage 40°C ) where! A touch screen preset using the controller screws are provided with the U by Moen shower digital mounts... Now, your shower with your voice home connected Bathroom controller, 2-outlet digital wall mounted, online. Following diagrams depict three common setups that will appeal to most homeowners, as well a... Ideal personalized shower control for a showerhead/hand spray combination Alexa for suggested start commands '' choose of. A unique PIN the other end of the app allows the user to exceed 120°F system operates u by moen homekit setup low (. Of where the valve can be enabled during the initial install, a language was selected for controller! Shower experience about the your shower is ready and mark drill holes within U! Bars added to the U by Moen shower connected shower, can all be conveniently controlled by the end June.