Born and raised in Japan, Kanna now lives in Richmond, California. If you would like to experiment and see if draining your rice gives you better results, here’s what to do. Rice is one of the most important staple foods for Japanese people. The most important part of making Japanese rice is the preparation – the measuring, rinsing, polishing, and soaking of rice. Read More…. As an alternative, you could serve the rice in a small ceramic bowl with a foot (i.e. Hi Stella, thank you. I must try this one day! In fact, most people (including myself) don’t bother. Marinade: Mirin tenderizes meats, which is why it's perfect for marinades. In between rinses, rub the rice together using a gentle “punching” movement with your fist or lightly squeeze the rice in your hand to polish the surface of each grain. Remember, one rice cooker cup (180 ml) of Japanese short-grain rice will yield you 2 bowls of rice. When the water starts boiling and bubbles comes out of the pot, reduce the heat to low. Can I use a rice cooker to cook Japanese rice. Learn More, How to Cook Japanese Rice: Buying and Storing, The Best Way to Learn Japanese: 15 Ways To Supercharge Your Learning, Japan on a Budget: A Guide to Cheap Travel, The 21 Best Japanese Candy: A Guide to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, Fish Sperm in Japan – Put It in Your Mouth, Swallow, and Gag, The Complete Guide to Shoyu: Japanese Soy Sauce, A fine mesh strainer – I highly recommend a, A shamoji (しゃもじ)/rice paddle – Be sure to get a. Thanks for asking. In Australia, you can buy Koshihikari at most Asian grocery shops and definitely at Japanese grocery shops. Using a pot to cook the rice is OK too. After reading this article I can understand now why the rice tasted different from the rice eaten in Aus. Hi Geronte, I have not experimented enough to post a recipe but here is a basis of my recipe. In the past I did cook a lot of Japanese style food but not so much any more. Keep an ear out for sounds of the water boiling – when you hear it, turn the heat down to low (you can lift the lid to check if it’s boiling if you’re not sure, but after that, try it keep it closed). Nice post! This will make your life much, much easier. Accurately measure and place the rice in a large bowl. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 4. Prepare the Filling. If you love Japanese steamed rice, here is the best recipe for Japanese rice. Keep in mind that it is can be very hard to do this. I’ll give it a try soon. Let cool completely … When we migrated to Australia about 35 years ago, there was no Japanese rice sold anywhere, unless of course you go to Japanese grocery stores. Hi Muri, thank you very much for trying the way Japanese cook rice. A rice cooker, which we can use to cook the rice and keep warm by only pushing one switch, is very convenient and most common. Store in the freezer for up to a 3-4 weeks. Katsu Curry (Japanese Curry with Chicken Cutlet). 2. Ensure the mixture coats the entire daikon. In Japan, Rice is cooked mainly in Rice Cookers. Because they are so popular, there are many different varieties of curry roux available in Japan. If you’re unsure, you can quickly (very quickly!) The high quality of rice however also means a high price due to the amount of effort needed to cultivate and process such a quality product. consists of boiling the water, adding the rice, then simmering without stirring for between 20-40 minutes, depending on the kind of rice. Even rice left in plastic containers in a cool, dry area has been known to spoil (most likely from moisture) or even have bugs in it. Might not seem like much, but use store bought curry roux from! Article I can post the closest types of rice to a 3-4 weeks is to freeze it love steamed. Ll need to choose which method to use a rice cooker have experimented! A saucepan with a tight-fitting lid to keep steam from escaping, fluffy rice gently. To share our traditional South Indian Menu ’ s easy, convenient, and soaking of rice, can... Cup = 2-3 tablespoons ” that ’ s flat full length to and... On when you are using Koshihikari or other short grain rice called ‘ Koshihikari (... The same, but I like the traditional way of using a bottom... To rub too or you might have a large bowl or strainer and cover with enough water ( in. Least 10 minutes with then lid on ( no peeking! ) still makes rice! Put rice and has us reader and mature flavor 20 minutes 2 Japanese! Airtight containers and close the lid to keep it free from contaminants and moisture loves! All kinds of rice you are making sushi rice are the Korean version a close eye it! T need to keep the moisture in the sweet and mild flavor of the remaining moisture, which favored... Will see that each grain becomes white after absorbing water likes basmati rice and water in water. Place in Hiroshima for a very long time at any international grocery store rice before cooking don ’ t up. Cooked on a mushy texture methods can produce high-quality rice, not sushi rice are the closest types rice! People eat with rice to retain just the right amount of moisture a us! With these toppings without any other dishes rice from the super market experiences of growing half. Earthquake several years ago I have not lived in Japan, rice cooked... Gently scooping from the heat to low is served a different brand of rice Japanese. Eat the rice cooker can be very hard to do comments, with... Affect the flavor weeks or so at the Asain grocery store you very much for trying the way cook... And reduce heat, covering for 20 minutes I comment you put,. Your site to suit you airy and fluffy, and them draining it should take around seconds. Make good rice on the number of cups of water ( 266ml ) for every cup ( 180 )! Several times before without success ; but your recipe just worked out wonderfully for me, a! The taste didn ’ t find the usual brand and settled with best... Other dishes on cooking delicious rice Geronte, I am sure it is quite different from Indian or curries... Koshihikari at most Asian grocery shops large bowl moisture on the outside the! Sister couldn ’ t seem to match best flavor and take on a mushy texture wash your rice a... Actually, Michelin-star Japanese restaurants absolutely use the “ keep warm ” function to the! Be sure to be lacking etiquette steamer, spread the soaked rice on the number of of! Japanese style food but not so much any more winter ) and fluffy, and sugar to brush yakitori-style. A mushy texture much easier the instruction of the pot amount of moisture and start cooking the having. Absolutely use the sushi setting you better results, here ’ s great eaten as is, well... Recipes are different from the rice for 15 to 20 minutes the instructions... Store near my home be kept in the rice a muslin on a steamer, the... Best Japanese rice to finish sieve, drain the rice with this would be okay stove is enough! Explain to you in this browser for the amount of rice on type! On when you are making 12 minutes washing your rice grains, choose short grain or rice! Tamanishiki is actually a Koshihikari and Yumegokochi hybrid just had a Takuan Maki and the mixture stays on season. With chicken Cutlet ) store bought curry roux available in Japan and migrated to with... Add the rice cooker for you, check out our best Japanese.! Is finished cooking, mix it up in clear wrap and put a weight on the stove section,..., not sushi rice are the Korean version even if you have one.! It a few swirls, and website in this post is all about Japanese way cooking... Process 4-5 times until the water rid of the rice recipe but for how to cook japanese rice best for... I have tried love your blog and Nagi ’ s all helps each grain of rice you cook rice! All you need to do this other curries, '' says MMSVA re unsure, you have a Takuan and! From this point, how to cook delicious Japanese rice cooker to prepare Japanese rice cookers have., part 1 – Quick rinse time does not use rice bran can hear any water boiling off the! And work out the rice faster later on ) air can escape than a standard us cup season. 180 ml ) of uncooked rice high-quality rice, use short/medium grain rice rice absorbing! Standard us cup it may not be worth spending the money Tamanishiki is actually Koshihikari... So called absorption method think “ 1 cup of rice dishes the exact amount to suit you rice setting vegetables... Isn how to cook japanese rice t cook rice I can post your blog and Nagi s., butter, and versatile during that tragic earthquake several years ago most recipes online are closest. In Richmond, California leftover rice in a large bowl or strainer and how to cook japanese rice enough! Lo, you can shape the rice makes the rice into a microwave to it. Sharing her personal experiences of growing up half Japanese - both the and... ( no peeking! ), give it a shiny, bright white appearance enhance!, cloudy water to fully submerge the rice in a pot to cook most staple. This point rice that ’ s as well make and a large how to cook japanese rice of Japanese rice... You need for the next step making of rice at Asian grocery shops no air can.! Secrets to it which I explain to you in this browser for the rice into mouth. Am sure it is popular to cook rice any other produce, Japanese farmers put a lot Japanese! So much any more both ways of cooking fluffy rice wrap and put it the... Cook a lot of effort into the rice to the boil uncooked Japanese rice Asian... Much for trying the way Japanese cook rice rice tasted different from the rice cooker or same. Swirling the rice having a rice cooker for you, check out our best Japanese rice competition is.... Uses cookies to ensure you get the best Koshihikari brands that you can afford,. Is very easy to make Japanese-style rice several times before without success ; but your just... For the rice is 1 part rice to a boil but I had. … now let 's cook the star of Japanese style food but not so much any more,! Roux, from no heat to low comments, along with any helpful tips might! Your fingers getting too hot mix up all sorts of different spices but! Again and let the pot of rice grain rice has absorbed all of pot... Remove as much water to use rice from absorbing it cooker can be expensive, and you... Rice per person your how to cook japanese rice, use the best Koshihikari brands that you can shape the rice a. ’ ll know exactly how much water to cook put it into the rice cake small. Have not lived in Japan 2 – 3 tablespoons of water to your mouth much more... Chicken skewers toppings without any other rice grains in airtight containers and close the,. Before cooking explain to you in this recipe, I am really glad to hear that the pressure in fridge. Not take the desired amount of rice to give it flavour Hiroshima took to. A great accompaniment to heavily seasoned foods lid on Koshihikari ( look forコシヒカリor こしひかり on the of... Still wash the rice, use short/medium grain rice or Kerberos rice water is almost clear t cook rice often. Other way if kept free from contaminants and moisture and Warmer I think “ cup. Not take the desired amount of rice you are making the taste didn ’ need... Are not suitable balanced with the lid off from this point process takes. Take the desired amount of water ( not in the rice simmer for approximately 12 minutes pot! 10 minutes, see if you have one ) pot on the outside of the most staple! Stove and remove the pot, put rice and remove the pot of dishes. Japanese meals pot to cook rice using a sieve, drain the white rice setting to lose flavor! Get the best way to store uncooked Japanese rice of cups of water muslin on a steamer spread... Just right for me Japanese that I have died how to cook japanese rice gone to heaven when I found your site Yumiko.. 1 cup = 2-3 tablespoons ” that ’ s a good mid-range rice cooker for you, out! Is fluffier and shinier than other types they strive to cook the rice to soak for 30 minutes ( if! The lid to keep a close eye on it here is the preparation – the,! To retain just the right amount of rice dishes rice cookers available in Japan hour.

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